Gail Maunula

Project researcher and doctoral candidate at Turku University

Gail is a co-leader for the Atlanta Hub of MyData Global, a project researcher and doctoral candidate at the University of Turku Faculty of Law in Turku, Finland.

Her research centers around the Sharing Economy business models and human rights-related issues, with a particular focus on data privacy and protection. This socio-legal research analyzes the changing legislation towards these platforms and the resulting impact on the Sharing Economy’s benefit to society. In the context of the Digital Disruption of Industry multidisciplinary research project, Gail researches the legal issues related to the digitalization of Finnish Industry.

Additionally, Gail is in the early stages of forming her own company, Privensure. Privensure is a Finland-based consultancy helping globally-minded businesses prepare for expansion into the EU market by ensuring data privacy and protection compliance.

Gail Maunula can be seen in:

Operationalizing GDPR Through Education Hall B2
12:15-13:30 Friday