Dominik Deimel

CEO / Founder of comuny GmbH

Dr. Dominik Deimel, physician and entrepreneur, has a high understanding of the requirements of the healthcare market due to his clinical training as an orthopaedic and his many years of experience in the eHealth industry. He designs innovative models and products for technological support at process interfaces in healthcare.

For him, innovations can only be realized with consistently comprehensive business processes and an ideally holistic view. Dominik is founder and managing director of comuny, a digital startup for ID management. With comuny, everyone has the possibility to manage verified identity data decentrally (e.g. on the smartphone) via a personal data store approach and to share it with different services.

Dominik is one of the initiators and organizers of MyData Germany and is committed to the further development of MyData.

Dominik Deimel can be seen in:

Open Ecosystems from Germany Room 104: Data Forest by Tilaajavastuu
11:45-13:00 Opening Day
Personal Data Solutions and the Underlyi... Hall B1
10:30-11:45 Friday