Berit Skjernaa

Senior Security and Privacy Specialist at Alexandra Institute

I am a proud mother of two teenagers, a mathematician, a cryptographer, a programmer and an earthling. I care for respecting each other and our planet and has a belief that together we can create a respectful sustainable world with space for everybody – without missing out, but merely by change of mindset and preferences. I have the honor of being on the board of the MyData Global.

I believe that the MyData values are fundamental for a safe and sound digital world. Further I am convinced that when this data is put at play, enabling us to make informed decisions, it will have a positive influence on our ways of treating each other and our planet. I am happy to serve the MyData Global community. At the Alexandra Institute I work with a bunch of exciting and skilled colleagues on using the technological possibilities to ease our daily life as well as to support our society and a sustainable development.

Our work consists of a good mix of research, consultancy and networking and thus we bring the newest research on IT and its interplay with human beings in use in our society. My own main area of expertise is IT security and privacy, and I enjoy bringing my knowledge in this area into play together with my colleagues with both technical or humanistic capabilities, whether in research projects, through our networks or as a consultant.

Berit Skjernaa can be seen in:

What Is the MyData Operator? Workshop Hall F
14:30-15:45 Friday