Arto Holopainen

Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kuopio

I’m the Chief Innovation Officer at City of Kuopio, a premier city in Finland with a vision to be the capital, where the good life lives. In this role, I work as innovation leadership by promoting City of Kuopio’s strategic themes digitalization, internationality and partnership in all levels of actions.

I’m also acting as a President for the Finnish Society of Telemedicine and eHealth that aims to promote the health of the population through digital technologies and to disperse the expert knowledge within health and welfare.

My passion is the disruption and opportunities that experimentation culture and digital revolution represent for society and businesses. One interesting topic is to understand the role of MyData to build a disaster-resilient society and raise awareness among citizens and communities.

Arto Holopainen can be seen in:

Ethical Resilient Smart Cities Hall F
11:15-12:15 Thursday