Ansgar Koene

Ai Regulatory Advisor & Senior Research Fellow & Trustee at EY Global & University of Nottingham & 5Rights

Ansgar Koene is an AI Regulatory Advisor at EY Global’s AI Lab and a Senior Research Fellow at the Horizon Institute for Digital Economy Research (University of Nottingham). He has a multi-disciplinary research background, having worked and published on topics ranging from Policy and Governance of Algorithmic Systems (AI), data-privacy, AI Ethics, AI Standards, bio-inspired Robotics, AI and Computational Neuroscience to experimental Human Behaviour/Perception studies. He holds an MSc in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computational Neuroscience.

Within Horizon Ansgar is co-investigator on the EPSRC funded UnBias and ReEnTrust projects where he leads the stakeholder engagement work bringing together regulatory organizations, industry, NGOs, and academics to development policy, design and education recommendations. He also delivers Policy Impact for Horizon through submission of evidence to UK parliamentary inquiries, reports for the European Parliament and other policy engagements.

Ansgar chairs the IEEE P7003 Standard for Algorithmic Bias Considerations working group, is the Bias Focus Group leader for the IEEE Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS), and trustee of the 5Rights foundation for the Rights of Young People Online.

Ansgar Koene can be seen in:

Algorithms & Data Literacy Hall H
15:15-16:30 Thursday
Algorithms and Data Literacy Part 2 Hall H
17:00-18:15 Thursday
Regulatory Approaches for Guiding ICT In... Hall B1
14:30-15:45 Friday