Anna Rizzo

Project Manager at Lynkeus

Anna Rizzo is Project Manager at Lynkeus, a consultancy company based in Rome, Italy and specialised in the conception and management of EU-funded projects, with a special focus in the field of ICT, AI and blockchain, privacy and security solutions applied to health data.

Former experimental biologist and data analyst in the biomedical research field, with several years of experience as a scientific explainer and writer, Anna is responsible for the drafting of research proposals, project technical coordination and science communication activities.

At MyData 2019, she will be representing the H2020 MyHealthMyData (MHMD) Horizon 2020 project. MHMD has been developing a blockchain-based platform for sharing personal health data among citizens, hospitals and the research and business community for the benefit of research and innovation in the medical field. MHMD is implementing and applying privacy preserving and data security solutions for data protection, blockchain and smart contracts for enforcing data transactions in a transparent and traceable fashion, personal identity and consent management tools, and data analytics for knowledge discovery, content retrieval and personalised modelling. MHMD aims to give rise to a new medical information ecosystem, based on peer-to-peer and trust-based relations among data providers and users, contributing to advancing research and care and boosting the EU data economy.

Anna Rizzo can be seen in:

Re-Using Health Data: Keeping Control an... Hall F
17:00-18:15 Thursday