Alla Morrison

Program Manager at International Finance Corporation

Alla leads a transparency and data innovation program called “From Disclosure to Development” (D2D) at the IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. One of her areas of interest is the potential economic opportunities of data ownership for people in the communities affected by mining or infrastructure projects. Alla has 20 years of international development experience in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, data, and governance.

Before joining IFC, she had launched and managed the World Bank’s Collaborative Data Innovations for Sustainable Development program and built the Bank’s big data for social good partnerships. She also advised governments and state enterprises in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Caribbean on open data, digital government and digital economy initiatives. Alla holds an MBA from Georgetown University and MA from St. Petersburg State University (Russia).



Alla Morrison can be seen in:

MyData in Less-Developed Data Ecosystems Hall B2
16:15-17:30 Friday