Alain Staron

Operational Disruptor and CEO of Amborella

Advisor and Operational Disruptor, AMBORELLA Member of the Board, ETSI Author at Forbes, Les Echos Guest Lecturer at HEC Executives, Les Mines ParisTech Alain Staron founded Amborella to help small and large companies to pivot by leveraging Ecosystems. Prior to this venture, Alain was in charge of the digital transformation of Veolia. He is also member of the Board at ETSI. At Veolia and at ETSI, he identified IoT as the next frontier for privacy, with an urgent need to regulate business with a split philosophy: Protect and Process Data should not fall to the same company.

He created YPYC (Your Privacy Your Control), dedicated to boost the ecosystem around this split principle, ahead of future regulations. He has had multiple management positions over the course of his career in both start-up and large corporations including Veolia, Transdev, Orange, TF1 and Thales, in the sectors of Environment, Smart Things, Urban Mobility, Artificial Intelligence, Media, Telecom, IT and Internet,.

Alain created, developed and marketed several innovative businesses based on new products and services including with his own start-up. He won 2 prizes for Innovation and wrote over 15 patents.

Alain is graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, received an engineering degree from Ecole Nationale des Télécommunications, and holds a PhD in Signal Processing.

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