The My AI track at MyData 2019 asks the question “Where will MyData stand in all this discussion about AI?” AI and machine learning systems are everywhere and talk about their ethical use is fueled by increasing numbers of lists of principles. Where does MyData fit into this discussion? This track tackles these questions and many more from algorithmic literacy and fairness to automated decision-making to AI governance.

Presentations accepted into sessions on this track include the following:

Using AI to predict if your data has been used for training a black-box AI API

Advancements in Privacy-Preserving AI – AI on Encrypted Data

Federated Learning and the Future of my-AI

With whom are you talking? Privacy in Speech Interfaces

Pluralism, Computational Cognitive Modeling and Human-empowerment in the Digital World

Public Engagement in Data-Driven Automated Decision-Making

Where Does MyData Stand During the “Add_Adjective_Here AI” Wave?

Global Coordination on AI governance

Bad Data Challenge & Algorithmic Literacy workshop