Making Identity Work

The Making Identity Work track at MyData 2019 focusses on solutions for secure and useful identities and their management. Different types of solutions, including e.g. different self-sovereign identities, are discussed and developed in sessions and workshops from business, legal, tech, and societal perspectives.

The sessions on this track include the following accepted proposals:

Towards Self-Sovereign Identity

The OpenSSI Project

Classic Identity & Access rebuilt with Self-Sovereign Identity Tech

A Conceptual Model For Self Sovereign Identify

From decentralized identity to decentralized markets

Enhancing Privacy and Data Minimization of Verifiable Credentials

Open Surveillance for Advanced Privacy & Security

Digital Identity: Contemporary Challenges for Data Protection, Privacy and Non-Discrimination Rights

Making possible the identity portability using ID containers

From Centralized to Decentralized Identities – A Hybrid Approach

DID Technical Workshop